Review Rockabilly Rave #17 - 2013

by Andrew Smith

The month of June, Flaming June, Summertime and the living is easy……Yeah right we thought on yet another rain lashed and windswept trip we took to Camber Sands for the Rockabilly Rave.  ‘Are you here for the Rockabilly’ asked the gateman who clearly has a diploma with honours in nit wittery, they get better every year.  In fact the weather was so rubbish we thought we’d over slept and missed the Rave and were arriving at the Rhythm Riot!!  This being the 17th such shindig, promised so much with just about everything and everybody appearing, along with some new artists worthy of considerable note.

We arrived just as the monsoon hit again and sought shelter in our chalet for an hour or two while I start this account and June makes sense of the scrambled heap of clothing that left Essex in such pristine condition.  Well we must all do what is best suited to us eh readers?  As the rain continued we nipped over to the pub to catch up with some early arrivals, while the last knockings of the ‘normals’ were having themselves entertained by the staff, dressed as 80’s icons.  Folks if you had heard that, you’d realise just how lucky we are to have our artists, just a pity we didn’t have any red ‘X’s.

Thursday dawned with the wind still howling along the coast.  Thursday arrivals poured in, cases rumbled along the walkways, old friends greeted each other and chalets were populated with revellers, music and beer.

C’mon everybody. We did some early bird shopping before the usual bump and barge got in there, and managed a fairly leisurely trundle through the day until the main hall started with Little Carl opening up on DJ duties.  With four quality bands slated to play, the numbers had responded, as the crowd piled in to make a great atmosphere.

First cab off the rank were the Rhythm River Trio, stripped down drumless trio rocking through some great tunes to set the scene.  A well received set by the masses, and true sounds to open up the Rave.

Next up were Country Cattin’ who were deputising for the unwell Mike Bell, and what a fine substitute they were as well.  Lead by vocalist Dave Brown and benefitting from Johnny Vee on lead guitar and Chris Cumming sliding the steel, they turned a rollicking ramble of a set.  Opening up with one of three Gene O’Quin tunes ‘Pinball Millionaire’ they set about a first class play list with infectious enthusiasm.  ‘In The Jailhouse Now’, ‘Rain’, ‘Blackberry Boogie’, ‘Thunderstorms and Neon Signs’ and of course the track from which they are named, ‘Country Cattin’ all hit the spot in a loudly cheered session.

Danny from Spain, perennial favourite at the Rave, kept the pace up with some ace tunes, while the crowd reached full strength in readiness for the Bellfuries.  Playing their only UK date this year, the four lads from Austin Texas, played a blinder which we have almost come to expect as a gimmie now.  A great sing-along vibe to this set, on songs like ‘Just Plain Lonesome’, the title track to a seminal Rockabilly classic, astonishingly over a decade old now.  That record has been re-released on vinyl, and some of those great tracks made up the set.

Opening with ‘You Must Be a Loser’, the set rattled along with tunes like ‘Take It To The Chapel’, ‘Mister Moonlight’, ‘Bad Seed Sown’ and ‘So Sad and Lonely’, with Joey Simeone’s voice hauntingly brilliant throughout.  They closed with Sam Cooke’s ‘Cupid’ to massive applause, which brought them back for a blistering rendition of Charlie Rich’s ‘Rebound’.

If you wonder if it could get better than that, you should have stuck around for Pat Capocci, who absolutely stole the show.  Joined by regular bandmates, Damien Lawson and ‘The Goat’ on drums, this Australian trio grabbed the whole show by the scruff of the neck and tore it up with an exceptional display of guitar work.  Pat slinging his Fender, scored straight A’s in rockin’ throughout.  His new CD ‘Call of the Wild’ featured heavily in the set, as did my own personal favourite, ‘Baby Sue’ and ‘Teenage Love’.  The two guys backing were spot on throughout during an awesome forty five minutes

Outstanding way to open up the Rave, which had us looking forward to the rest   

Cryin’ Wolf.  Friday dawned I suppose, we didn’t see it.  Friday arrivals came in with the anticipation heightened and a stellar line up for the day.  We got over in time for the first act, which was a must, the Wolftones.  If there were any cobwebs in your rockabilly brain, they would have been well and truly blown away by this show.  It’s enthusiastic, fast and thunderously good, whether it’s their own stuff or covers. 

Although not straight ahead Rockabilly, it sure does rock, from the openers, ‘Hot Rod Car’, ‘Big Train Rollin’ and ‘Lovin’ You Baby’.  I doubt you’ll hear many better versions of the surf instro ‘Ace of Spades’ (although that chap Eddie Angel play some darn fine Link Wray!!!) wherever you are on the planet, than the one they slotted in between the vocal stuff.  In addition to the powerhouse three guitar set up, they swap one guitar for wailing harmonica.  It’s used to greatest effect on tracks like ‘Little Red Rooster’ (not that one) and ‘Shot Down’.  Worthy also of mention in a truly memorable butt kick of a set was ‘Shake it Baby’. 

Next on were a band that was new to me and indeed the Rockabilly Rave.  Irish bands haven’t played at the Rave before, so Joe Fury and the Hayride was a must to see.  Although strictly speaking Joe hails from the decidedly un-Irish town of Basingstoke, now living in Galway, he’s a charismatic acoustic guitar slinger with a good voice.  The play list was well chosen as well, right from the get-go ‘Number Nine Train’.  Loved ‘Little Sadie’, ‘Guitar Man’ ‘Pistol Boogie’ and ‘Catty Town’ which sounded great even without steel guitar.  The pace slowed slightly with ‘Wondrous Place’, well delivered version of his namesake’s classic, before ratcheting up again with ‘Hayride Boogie’.  Excellent set and a solid debut, sandwiched by good DJ sets from Miss Honey B, and Lewis Boogie, also from Ireland.

Hubba Bubba. Much had been made of the debut of Jamie Bubba Faulkner, which took place in the Queen Vic, and I was seriously enthused to see.  Unfortunately, I got there a nanno second too late and ended up quite far back.  What I could hear was great, and I really think we have something special in the lad who was backed by the Doel Brothers.  The sound system didn’t do him too many favours, as I had problems hearing from six or seven rows back, but there’s enough to report that this fellow is a star on the rise in the Rockin’ scene, with a good delivery and confident stage presence.  Maybe a spot in the downstairs hall next time??

The last act on in the smaller hall was German band Carolina and her Rhythm Rockets.  Playing mostly their own material Carolina engaged with her audience while the band ably backed her throughout.  It never ceases to amaze me the bands that write and sing in language other than their mother tongue, like this band as in ‘Waiting’, ‘Can’t stop Boppin’ and ‘I’m a Good Woman’.

A Real Wild One Friday night saw a real mix-up of styles and tunes, both from the DJs and bands.  Starting with another German outfit, the four piece that is Marc and the Wild Ones.  Well what a barnstorming show they produced.  Lead singer, unsurprisingly called Marc, long and lean, held his guitar high, brandishing it like a Kalashnikov, flying around the stage, and delivering enthusiastic lyrics and fiery original material.  ‘Stutterin’Cindy’, ‘Where the Rosa Flows’ and ‘If I Had Me a Woman’ mixed in well with ‘Real Rockin’ Baby’ and ‘That’s Why She’s Gone’ .

The Ranch Girls, the mainstay of which is Miss Mary Ann, were up next.  Raina Thompson joined Mary Ann as the ‘newbie’ with the Ragtime Wranglers, providing expert backing.  So much to enjoy in this show, from ‘Wildcat’ that opened the set, with Rusty and Doug’s ‘Hey Sheriff’ following hot the heels, with perfect pitch and harmony.   There was older Ranch Girl recordings, like the outing for ‘Rock A Bye Baby’, and ‘Everlovin’, before a third Ranch Girl was brought out.  Linnea Carler from Lin and the Lookout Boys, seamlessly entered the fray with vocal dexterity as the now trio performed two songs, ‘Old Town Hall’ and ‘Real Gone Daddy’.  Topping off a great show Mary Ann and Raina, to deserved adulation, gave a great version of  ‘Tupelo County Jail’.  A most excellent show and no mistake!!

It happens every weekender readers, there’s a band I just don’t either get or like their set, and for me, personally, that’s me, no one else, the Rip ‘Em Ups thrashy garage-y sound left me cold.  Sure they are a very tight and musically accomplished band, just not for me, that’s me, no one else, apart from June.  Sorry.

Late on in the night, the Norwegian nutters, the Lucky Bullets hit the stage.  A completely out to lunch set, full of energy and odd fascial expressions and body movements, had the crowd cheering and smiling throughout.  It was a different show from last year’s downstairs blast, but with ‘Gold Diggers’ sure know how to rock on a Friday night.

Ravin’ odds and sods.  Best tracks at the Rave ever ever to put the bunny in your burrow are Ersel Hickey’s ‘You Threw a Dart’, Onie Wheeler ‘John’s Been Shucking My Corn’ and ‘Danger Moved West’ by Billy Jack Hale…… You notice readers, that I refer to harmonicas as such, not ‘harps’, which is the oft used term.  That is basically not to conjour up the image of a seated quiffed up Rockabilly genteelly feathering an upright multi-stringed instrument…..Great to meet up with fellow scribe and Joe Fury manager, Eamonn Doyle, and his gang of fellow Irish rockers, they love their music and the craic, and clearly what they were discussing was very funny…….:) …Note to self, when basin based ablutions are taking place, ensure you haven’t put your tie on………You know what readers, the most gratifying thing for me to see at events like this, are the amount of musicians that are down at the front supporting their fellow players on stage.  A mutual respect and admiration for the skills…….I don’t carry stuff to write up playlists, so we tend to either ask the bands for them, or photograph the ones on stage.  One request so to do was declined, as the set list was ‘kind of a secret’.  So secret that one had been left right in the front of the stage for all to see!  Dollop!......Not to self, do not use a whizzy toothbrush when you’re wearing your going out shirt…DJs Jimmy Guntrip and Carrie Hope’s ages combined don’t make mine.  Their abilities at DJing are up there with any that played this Rave though!.........DJ Billy The Hick, let’s have him out in the downstairs hall at least, that stuff needs to be heard by the masses, it works with Blip Blop….Should you really have to hold a cup of coffee from a vending machine with a welder’s mitt?

Rock n Doel.  With the wind still blowing a hoolie along the coast, we made our way over to the halls for a veritable marathon of coverage for you readers.  No fly by night online clap trap here folks, this was full on all day starting with the Doel Brothers in the downstairs hall.  Now not everything at the Rave is ‘Crash the Party’ and ‘C’mon Little Mama’, there’s some tip top Hillbilly to be had, and the Doel Brothers provide that by the dungaree-full. 

The brothers are indeed brothers, it’s not just a made up name, and in addition they employ the dog house bass skills of Gary Boller.  The sound system in the downstairs hall is suited perfectly to their output which includes some real gems.  ‘Do It Every Time’, ‘Laughin’ & Jokin’, ‘Educate Mind’ and ‘Side Step’ bounced along as did the couple of Rockabilly covers ‘One Cup of Coffee and a Cigarette’ and ‘Rockin’ Shoes’.  The crowd loved it, and were into the guys from the start, cracking way to start off a Saturday afternoon.

Deputising for the absent Ukrainian band, were the ever popular Mee Kats from the North East of England.  Lead singer Colin Mee plays and upright drum kit and occasional swap with the acoustic guitar whilst delivering high class vocals and amusing interlude natter.  His own ‘Rag Top Baby’ and ‘Call My Name’ blend in perfectly with cover tunes like ‘I’m Ready’, ‘Stack O Records’ and ‘Everyone’s Tryin’ To Be My Baby’.  Loving the way this set slipped in so easily.

Next on was the inaugural fashion show set up and organised by Bettina Scarlett.  I’m not reviewing that part of the Rave here as it will form another article later, as June was backstage seeing how it was put together, but I will say it was an astounding success, and full credit to everyone involved.

Russelling up a treat. From there it was the maddest dash upstairs to catch the first of the acts on the main stage, the Slingshots.  This Sheffield based four piece astonishingly were playing their first Rave and surely after this show, it won’t be their last.  Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Steve Russell in his blue and white shirt and stetson, has a great voice and notable song writing talent, complemented by the seering guitar breaks from JD England.  ‘Bone Idle’ has a great tag line and amusing lyrics in a Hank Williams yodelling stylie, ‘Green Eyed Monster’ great lyrics, as are ‘I Quit’, ‘Twisted’, ‘Rockin’ Good News’ and ‘Steamhammer Jones’.  The rendition of Carl Perkins ‘Say When’ was awesome, so was ‘Jezebel’ (Frankie Lane at the Rave!!) and the whole set was topped off by the brilliant ‘Party on the Moon’.  Outstanding first appearance by the lads.

The Great British Baker Off!  So to the main event, the much discussed performance by the headliner, Scotty Baker.  He came into the Rave almost unheard by many, and indeed we met him for the first time on the Wednesday evening after a to-ing and fro-ing of emails in the past year.  Striking a super pose and dressed to the nines, he fronted a stellar line-up of musical talent in the Pat Capocci band.

The style, well if you hear stuff by Johnny Cash that has those short stories in them, like ’25 Minutes To Go’, ‘A Boy Named Sue’ and ‘Cocaine Blues’, that would give you an insight as to the content of the show.  It was simply sublime from start to finish all using original material. Take for example ‘Doin’ Time on the Passenger Side’ an ode to being banned from driving and having your partner drive you around.  Inspired lyrics and amusing to hear whilst on the rockin’ back beat.

Worthy of note in an exceptionally well received set was ‘Tyre Kickers’, the sonnet dedicated to those who come round your house to buy a car from you.  ‘Past my Prime’ was a lament as we all advance in years and hair grows in places other than your head (like he’s anywhere near that stage!!).  ‘Can’t Style My Hair’ is an ironic nod to those who on stage just flick their head and the hair is perfect, and ‘C’mon and Fight Me’ was a brilliant tune about a guy eyeing up your girl.  Any songwriter that can include words like ‘momentarily’ and David Hasselhoff in their songs, make it sound Rockabilly and deliver in such style has got to be a winner.  Scotty Baker sure was, and thoroughly deserving of being top of the bill!!

Follow that you Planet Rockers!  Yep they were up next, with lead singer Sonny George back in action, with a slight Lemmy look about him long haired and a hat with a racoon tail out the back.  Lead guitarist Eddie Angel had the six string pickers ogling down at the front of the stage throughout, guys like this make it look so easy, it doesn’t look like they even have to try.

The set thumped out some great tunes, but it’s probably not just me, I kept waiting and waiting for the best instro track in the world ever ever to be played.  As the initial drum beat of ‘Rampage’ hit the air, the place came unglued with delight.  Has to be done folks!

Finishing off was Dave Phillips and the Hot Rod Gang, a trip down memory lane for many who grew up in the 80’s.  Inviting Levi Dexter on stage for a couple of numbers, and employing all available members of the Jets and Lights Out for the ‘well o well o wop wip wip’ of ‘Git It’, many that had stuck around enjoyed the Vincent stuff and Philips’ own contributions to top off a good night.

Mo Ravin’ odds and sods  Shock of the weekend was wrestling with a slug in our chalet the size of an Anaconda, that even the Gulls were afraid of!....Did you all enjoy your free CD?  If so tell us what’s on it :/ ….One jammer in his chalet, not so much Hank as Plank Williams ……Shock of the weekender part two, Moose Milk.  I only smelled it and it was like being hit with a boxing glove on a spring!  People actually drink that without it destroying the lining of their stomachs??.....Can you believe the multi-national line up of this year’s Rave?  They came from all corners of the earth (according to those in the flat earth society)………I mean Australians, they had to fly for twenty three hours to get here.  Imagine that readers, if you carried on flying for another twenty three hours, you’d land on Saturn (all distances are approximate)…Now then you lot, pay attention.  The Bettajive Review spent over thirty hours in the main hall, and nearly twelve in the downstairs hall and pub to bring you this recounting of the Rave.    Yeah we’re getting bumped, barged, goosed, fondled, kneed and way-hey-ed to bring you the best from stage front, and slightly left.  But still this year in all that time hearing  and dancing to music, for the second year running I ask, where was ‘Jitterbop Baby’!!!  It should now be part of the national curriculum ……….. So MC Del Villarael, remind us just one more time, what Rave was it again? :D

Gho Gho Gho.  Oh ‘eck, here we are already, Sunday coming down.  Over to the downstairs hall in time to get the set from French quartet Ghost Highway.  This had to vie for the best downstairs show of the weekend, the whole thing was pretty much perfect.  The tunes may not have been too much of a surprise but the delivery, enthusiasm and stage presence of these guys made for a hugely enjoyable experience.  ‘Snatch It and Grab It’ kicked off, ‘Hypnotised’ rocked out, so did ‘Burning Love’ and ‘Where the Rosa Flows’, but for my money, the harmonies on the Burnette Brothers’ ‘Warm Love’ gave me goose bumps.  What an outstanding version.  The show ended and recommenced so many times without letting MC Russ Sear back on to ask if we wanted more, he looked like he was part of a weather-house!

It’s turns like that on the toppermost form that make it worth ensuring your over there to catch it and ‘Going Up The Country’ plus ‘Johnny Law’ were almost perfect.

The Lonesome Drifters had a tough act to follow, and recalling their show from last year, many stayed around for this year’s offering.  It took a couple of songs to engage the crowd but then they were well into it as the German lads rocked to ‘You Look Like A Monkey’ and ‘Girl in My Hometown’ among others.

Black Kat Crossed My Path.  So to the last evening, and a band that was completely unknown to me.  Lead by the charismatic Roy Phillips on vocals, this was what you might refer to as a ‘fun’ show without being a micky take.  Sure there were standards like ‘Little Pig’, ‘Double Talkin’ Baby’ and ‘Brand New Cadillac’ but they were interspersed with other oddities like ‘Black Kat Boppin Atcha’ and ‘My Oh My Girl’.  I have a suspicion we will be seeing quite a bit of these guys.

 Along next, was a revisit by Rocky Burnette, performing a show in honour of his father, the late Johnny, and uncle Dorsey, quintessential Rockabilly icons of the highest order.  Joining him on stage was Darrel Higham on lead guitar, and guest vocalists Bob Cotton who rattled of ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ and Keith Turner.  The set was a treat for Rock n Roll Trio fans, with everything you’d expect, along with a touching narrative from Rocky about his parents, and the finest rendition of ‘Dreamin’.

To round off the Rave, another new idea, the Ranch Party.  Providing the music were the Zazou Cowboys, shifted to the main stage after the finest of shows in the pub last year.  So would that sound transfer to the larger environment?  You bet it did.  They had the stage to themselves for a set of Western swing nuggets of gold like ‘Pinebox’, ‘Do You Ever Think Of Me’, and ‘Red’s Boogie’, although another of their own ‘Odd Socks Rag’ was a victim of the time constraints (dagnabit!).

A quick change round and it was time for the party.  Nine artists, performing two songs each, and so much to enjoy.  Roy Kay was first up, one of my favourite artists making the first appearance at the Rave for some years (long overdue).  The guy has a fantastic almost joyful lilt to his voice, showcased on ‘Changed My Mind’ and ‘No More Blues’.  First class. 

Billy ‘I Wanna Bop’ Harlan was followed by Paul Ansell performing ‘Cry Instead’ and  ‘Sweet and Easy’, Randy Rich (see comment re: Roy Kay) ‘Bye Bye Blues’ and ‘Driving Home Boogie’, Scotty Baker reprised ‘Broke on Payday’ and ‘Not Today’ before one of the most perfect songs sung at the weekender. 

K. C Byrd (lead singer with the Barnstompers and K. C Byrd and the Cashiers) took to the stage and performed The Miller Brothers ‘Tulsa Baby’ which was so good, along with the backing, it was like listening to the original song live.  I mean his other song ‘Lonesome Shadow’ for me was almost eclipsed by ‘Tulsa Baby’, as good as it was.

Glenn Doran’s Hillbilly voice was on top form in ‘Oh Brother’, and ‘Lazy River Blues’ before the only lady performer took the stage.  Well Lynette Morgan was sure worth the wait.   Anyone who takes on Patsy Cline’s ‘Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray’ is tackling an immense song, and Lynette got it vocally spot on, just like the ‘Yodelling Song’ that followed.  The evening was topped of by perennial guest star Charlie Thompson with ‘I’m Tired’ and ‘You’re Not Mine’, before the whole company came on for a hoedown style romp sing-a-long.  The show was glued together by incidental music by the Zazous as MC Del Villarael introduced each act.  It could have run a little smoother if each act had entered stage right and exited stage left, and towering Del didn’t have to keep adjusting the mic, but hey that’s a little crease that could be ironed out easily.

It was left to DJs Boppin Bud and Skinny Jim to close out the weekender upstairs.  Yes it was that wretched feeling of the life blood of the Rave being drained out for yet another year.  People said their good byes and drifted back to chalets.

This Rave was up there with the best.  Head buffoon Jerry Chatabox seemed to have crammed in absolutely everything that anyone attending with an iota of Rockabilly in them would love.  The bands ranged from good to brilliant to red hot.  The DJs by and large, fortunately left the sixties nonsense at home, and we were back in the groove.  The numbers were up on last year, the atmosphere was great.  Once again we came home financially poorer but richer for the experience of meeting old friends and making new ones, and above all spending four days in absolute paradise!

© Andrew Smith from the original article that appeared in UK Rock n Roll Magazine July 2013 All rights reserved

The Rockabilly Rave.

By Paul Culshaw

...Come with me as I spend a weekend in Rockabilly Pontins
in Camber Sands

Don’t Make Me Nervous......I’m Holding A Baseball Bat...

If you want a nice, peaceful holiday then get a boat out along the Norfolk Broads but if you want no sleep, little food, noise, excitement and the best music ever, go to the Rockabilly Rave!

We arrived at the camp site and unloaded the vast amount of clothes and alcohol everyone seems to take to weekenders into our apartment and we ventured over to the Queen Vic Bar.

This long weekend event was kicked off by the brilliant DJ Bill Smoker who did an 8 hour stint behind the decks, now that’s dedication,  Bill got the party started and there was no turning back.....

There is nothing more exciting than the first night of a weekender, overexcitement is rife!

As you dress up real fine and you swagger into the hall, greet old friends and meet new friends, Bop clumsily around, drink too much liquor and then several hours later you clumsily swagger back to your apartment

As ever the first night at this fantastic Rockabilly Rave did not disappoint, the DJs kept the floor movin’, and the bands entertained like it was 1955.  Special mention goes out to Pat Capocci all the way from Australia, it was great to see what that side of the world has to offer and it’s really happening over there! We went back to our beds reluctantly at 3am, knowing that the party had really only just started.

On Friday the sun was shining brightly as more and more people arrived, this place was really hotting up! Folks were booking in and the next second the same folks were suddenly up looking through the record and vintage clothes stalls. The Rockabilly scene does a number of things very well, partying and drinking are two of them but shopping, m-a-n these people can shop but they’re VERY discerning characters, it has to be just right or forget it!  There are something like 30 stalls selling vintage clothes, shoes, repro clothes,  hair slick, records, vintage denim and 50s nik-naks of every conceivable kind, you won’t find a vintage market anywhere in the whole world like this one!

As the day wore on deals were going down under the cover of darkness, but these deals were not as sinister as they sound, cos it’s all about the hottest vinyl and the coolest threads, this scene is all about passion and a love of music and vintage clothes.

Friday night was a doozy! Again great DJs and fantastic bands kept the immense crowd entertained. Tonight’s special mention must go to the new line up of The Ranch Girls, of course original Ranch Girl,  Mary Annremains, joined by the very lovely Raina Thompson-Brody but could this new line up of the Ranch Girlsstill cut it? You bet they could! Backed by the Ragtime Wrangers, the New Ranch Girls laid down excellent Country music mixed with red hot Rockabillymusic too!

By now though everything had got distorted and disjointed, I was just plain drunk! I met up with friends, I drank, the music carried on and I must have gone to bed at some point cos the next thing I knew I woke up in bed and it was morning....

On Saturday at around lunch time vintage cars began to gather, along with Hot-Rods and the deep, roar of British motorcycles. The Cruise had begun! Cadillac’s, Pontiac’s, Buick’s, B.S.A’s, Triumph’s and 49’ Ford’s were all here revving and waiting....... for!

The sun was shining and all around the camp parties had broken out as deafeningly loud Rock ‘n’ Roll rhythms echoed! Musicians played guitars and double basses slapped, BBQs were had and everywhere you could hear music, chatting and most of all loud laughter!!

There were loads of Australian’s here at this Rave, the Aussies had arrived and didn’t we know it, they’re great people, easy going and awful friendly and Tequila was being forced down our throats by the Aussie girls next door, forced I tell ya, so for reasons of international relations, we accepted the Tequila....

Outside Hot-rods raced and the sun beat down but inside exciting stuff was still happening! At 5.30 The Vintage Look Fashion Revue began, showing the best of the reproduction Vintage brands on the scene, with a special appearance by the superb American model and fashion designer Bernie Dexter!  

It was Saturday evening and an Australian cat was making himself ready to take centre stage and at 9 o’clockScotty Baker stood right in front of us all! What a performance, a performance of ‘from the heart’ Rockabilly music....he looked cool too! Scotty was maybe the surprise of the weekender and what a surprise! More friends were made, more alcohol drunk and more tunes danced too, I must have gone to bed, I’m sure I went to bed because I woke and it was the next morning again....


We woke and sat quietly, it was so quiet with only the far off sound of a Glen Glenn record, ah yeah I remember I’m at the Rave!  Everything starts to hurt at this point, pain and a throbbing head......a sore throat and huge, swollen elephant feet...

Sunday is a special day at the Rave too, cos it’s the Flea Market which is a time to flog some of the huge amount of vintage stuff we’ve all collected for years. If your house is full to over flowing then sell some stuff and then fill it up again!

Sunday is also the last day for you to soak up the amazing party atmosphere that is the Rockabilly Rave, to catch up with the friends you haven’t managed to see all weekend and to dance to every tune you can manage with your huge, swollen elephant feet, to soak every last bit up cos it’s gonna be another year til you’re at the Rave again!

At 11 o’clock the Queen Vic Bar hosted  The Sugar Bowl club and DJ Dave Crozier also drew people downstairs but up in the main hall something amazing was going to happen.

I ain’t seen nothin’ like this before and I guess I ain’t never gonna see it again! It was The Rockabilly Rave Ranch Party Show and lawdy lawd...what a show!   The idea for this show was taken from the Town Hall Party in L.A , back in the 50s and it starred folks like Johnny CashJohnny Bond and The Collins Kids. Here at the Rockabilly Rave Ranch Party the band that opened the show and backed all the artists were those Western Swing roots of Rockabilly maestros The Zazou Cowboys, the hard work that must have gone into forming a band of this calibre defies believe! Del Villarreal introduced performers including; from America Billy Harlan and Roy Kay, from Australia Scotty Baker, from Germany Randy Rich, from Holland K.C Byrd and from Britain Paul Ansell, Glen Doran, Charlie Thompson and a massive cheer went round the hall as  Lynette Morgan came on!  It was a truly brilliant night of live music.

And after this truly remarkable show, the party carried on into the early hours of the morning.....

The next morning was very quiet as cars were loaded, goodbyes said, and home to normalness we all went. But a fast moving and violent storm called the Rockabilly Rave engulfed Camber Sands for a weekend and was gone..

See y’all next year.........

Huge heartfelt thanks go to Jerry [Chatterbox] for organising the Rockabilly Rave!